“Stop acting so small, for You are the Universe in ecstatic motion”

What is Soul Realignment?

Blessed are those that simply know what they are here to do

while a lot of us harbour an innate yearning to discover what we are “supposed” to be doing while often trying out multiple things with the constant inkling that we are barking up the wrong tree yet again!

This is where the magnificent Akashic Records comes in.

What are the Akashic Records?

The name comes from the sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” also called “The Book of Life”. It is a sort of energetic “internet” containing, astoundingly enough, the history of every soul on the planet from its origination from Divine Source. Our thoughts, words and deeds create an imprint on the blue print (which can be seen as the soul’s code or a structure) which we are able to access as an invaluable spiritual resourse.

Once the heavily guarded secret known only to mystics and saints was much later popularised in the mid twentieth century by the medium Edgar Cayce which gave him many an insightful reading. Rudolf Steiner, the well known Austrian Scientist and philosopher also accessed the Records in his work.

The Records are only accessed with your permission. Every practitioner has their own modality such as meditation, prayer, breathing techniques or dowsing. The specific energy frequency of your name will usually gain us access.

How an Akashic Records Reading works

The initial part involves revealing the Original Soul Blue print (before we started to misalign from it due to not being aware of what it has in mind for us!)

This Divine Blue Print is made up of varying percentages of the 8 soul qualities rather like pulling silken threads out of a tapestry. Souls are like snow flakes or finger prints in that every one is unique and unrepeatable. At this stage we also determine the original Soul Group in terms of a star or a planet which had the perfect vibrational match to the nature of your newly born soul. It is essentially from these aspects that we can ascertain your Soul Purpose. Basically the more congruent your life choices are to your original soul Blue Print, the more abundance and fulfillment you will experience in every sector of your life.

Unfortunately, due to our ignorance of the nature of our soul, it is much easier to make “negative” choices, negative not in a judgemental way but merely signifies being unaligned with your original Blue Print.

“When we are misaligned and not living our Soul Blue Print the lack of congruency can play out as struggle, repeating patterns, frustration, chronic fatigue, disease or merely a prevailing sense that nothing really seems to work out”

For example if you have the primary quality of Divine Love and Healing in your divine blue print you will essentially be a relationship orientated person, a great listener and someone who, while holding space for others retrieves their own lost soul fragments. These people would be more fulfilled working in the service industry or in any type of healing practice as this is how they are designed to function while manifesting their highest purpose by upholding their divine self expression, therefore for them it would be a “negative” choice to get a job as a researcher shut off in some back office with minimum human contact.

When we are misaligned and not living our Soul Blue Print the lack of congruency can play out as struggle, repeating patterns, frustration, chronic fatigue, disease or merely a prevailing sense that nothing really seems to work out. On the other hand when we are aligned all aspects of our lives seem to flow and unexpected opportunities are much more likely to present themselves towards manifesting radiant living.

The second part involves making an evaluation of all the blocks and restrictions referred to as negative Karmic Patterns in past and the present life which are a consequence of our ‘negative’ choices and can include various limitations on the soul such as vows, agreements, bargains, constraints, unjustified Karma, implants, attaching entities and a myriad of other things which cause depletion of vital force energy and tend to attract recurring scenarios to us, be it an unfulfilling or dysfunctional relationship or inappropriate job to repeat like a broken record until we have an aha moment and say “enough is enough” and step up and move on to a more aligned or satisfying next experience.

All the research is carried out before we book the 90 minute reading via zoom or whatever works for you including a clearing of the entire Blueprint of the blocks and restriction which re-esatablishes the integrity of your soul unlocking its potential and innate wisdom by clearing what was holding you back in order to give you a head start to create a life that is the full expression of your original soul. The clearing is however often only a temporary measure as it needs to be upheld by making new healthy choices in your life.